A last confession yeats

A Last Confession - Poem by William Butler Yeats

Imagery in this poem makes you envision the ups and downs of a relationship that has left someone hurt. It is written in first person.

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The main idea of this poem is that this woman is being asked who out of all the men she has slept with pleasured her the most. I then searched up what the poem was about and found out that it was about a ladies sex life which then made the whole poem make sense. I answer that I gave my soul And loved in misery, But had great pleasure with a lad That I loved bodily.

In the last few lines she explains that despite the bad things about this time in her life and the pain she felt that she still holds this memory. The first part is about how although she gave this man all she had he still hurt A last confession yeats.

Personal thoughts At first I thought this poem was a confession of WB Yeats being gay and a time he spent with a man, we even searched up to see if he was gay which in fact came up that he may have been gay but that no one knew exactly if he was.

Analysis this poem is about a woman being asked about which man had pleasured her the most. Stanza two, which is also a part of part two, talks about how she feels she was no better to him than any other woman he slept with, but that how also when they just talked he was told things that others never knew.

On the left is a link called comparison. Part one is where the woman is first being asked the question. The line "flinging from his arms I laughed" tells of a good time they had together, the middle lines are sort of playing with the listener by not exactly revealing the truth of what they really did together.

She implies that this time in her life is a part of her and makes her who she is and nothing will ever take away the good things she remembers with this man. I gave what other women gave That stepped out of their clothes.

A Last Confession

The rest of part one is simply saying that she gave her all to the relationship and had fun but in return she also got hurt. The imagery should make you envision the ups and downs of a relationship that left someone hurt. Part three explains how the man she was with only gave what he expected to get in return ,and that he was different from others and good in his own way, but that she still got hurt in the end.


The poem can be divided into three parts. Below is an annotation of the poem" A last confession" by WB Yeats, above you is a button called more details where you can click to find extra information on the poem.Read, review and discuss the A Last Confession poem by William Butler Yeats on mint-body.com A Last Confession Yeats, William Butler ( - ) Original Text: Yeats, William Butler.

W. B. Yeats: Selected Poetry: Ed.

by A. Norman Jeffares. London: Macmillan, 1 What lively lad most pleasured me. 2 Of all that with me lay? 3 I answer that I gave my soul. Feb 10,  · A Last Confession (William Butler Yeats Poem) A Last Confession (William Butler Yeats Poem) Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading Close.

Yeah, keep it. Analysis and Comments on A Last Confession. Provide your analysis, explanation, meaning, interpretation, and comments on the poem A Last Confession here. Get an answer for 'What does the poem "A last confession", written by mint-body.com means?

Thank you for your answer 1. The author seems to make contrast between body and soul, but what's his real. Added: 2 Mar | Last Read: 13 Sep AM | Viewed: times A PoetryNotes™ Analysis of A Last Confession by William Butler Yeats, is Available! A PoetryNotes™ eBook is available for this poem for delivery within 24 hours, and usually available within minutes during normal business hours.

A last confession yeats
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