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I am different from other students and people on the basis of my personality features such as quick and right decision making, judgmental and inspection skills, high level of flexibility, excellent management and problem solving skills. The dedication, support and motivation of my mentor was remarkable.

Moreover, it felt like my mentor transferred his level of confidence and skill to me during our three meetings. These skills and abilities make me different from others and on the basis of these skills I find myself perfect for the professional life.

We believe in quality and originality. For particular project issues or any other problems then please email Oxford Brookes at Share this: It will also add value to my professional experience that will be helpful in my professional career.

At the end of it all, I did not only pass the project but also had a B grade. As such, I managed to complete my coursework and final project way ahead of the deadline yet to obtain a Pass with Distinction for my Master. ACCA aims to provide business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to folks of application, ability and ambition around the world seeking a pleasurable career in accountancy, finance and management.

Key Milestones and checkpoints of Plan: ACCA the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants may be the global body for professional accountants, supportingpeople andstudents inside their careers, and offering services utilizing a network of 95 offices and centres.

How can you sign up for mitigating conditions? To focus on alternative strategy of SWOT analysis of my personality so that to make best use of my strengths by managing weaknesses and to get benefit of opportunities by controlling threats.

They may be alive or dead, family or world leaders, friends or strangers. It indicates I am artistic in nature and I can do creative work in an effective manner. The dedication, support and motivation of each of the mentors is remarkable.

With his direction and support during and outside of classes, we enjoyed the whole course and gained extensive knowledge.

How extended does it require my documents to attain? Thanks you to Timothy and Adewunmi. You need to incorperate your ACCA number, any name and birth date in lots of correspondence around. Finding it hard to focus on an assignment but need to submit it shortly?

Please answer this ad at. The ethical actions I prefer include integrity, self respect, respect of others, honesty, avoid cheating and threatening others, loyalty to work and sincerity towards my employer. Abdul Sattar Edhi who worked for Orphans, needy, old, deceased.

What compelling value will you offer to your employers and society? The dates are printed within the BSc Information Pack.The Oxford Brookes Research and Analysis Project (RAP) submission fee for period 35 is £ (subject to approval). The fee for period 36 is £ (subject to approval).

The link will close at (midnight) GMT on the day stated on the project submission dates page. How many of you opted for the thesis and was successful in getting this degree,share your journey. +5 Votes. March 25th AN ACCA USER 9, Points. Oxford Brookes/ACCA BSC.

FA1 and FA2 study group. MA1 and MA2 study group. Current Issues.

ACCA BSC honors THESIS (Oxford Brookes)?

IFRS discussions. Business assignments, Oxford Brookes (OBU) BSC Hons Applied Accounting ACCA Thesis (RAP, SLS, PPT), Essays and Term/Research papers etc. Pay in instalments and that too after you receive the first draft.

More about OBU ACCA BSC Hons RAP on Topic 8 - The Business and Financial Performance of an Organization over a three. To access the list of Registered Mentors and learn about mentoring please go to the OBU BSc Mentoring pages on and register as a student - this is free.

Please note that most Mentors charge for their services -.

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Personal business plan revolves around the goals, mission and minestrones to be achieved in the future by designing specific pathway or strategy (John M, ). Many ACCA papers (F5, F7 and F9) focus on calculating ratios, analyzing them and finding trends.

By performing financial and business analysis of a real organization, it will give me an opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge and help me 4/4(9).

Acca bsc thesis
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