An analysis of the role and treatment of women in the ancient athenian society

Many men feared the possibility of divorce since the return of a dowry could bankrupt a family. The answers may be hard to uncover, but a look at myths is a good place to begin.

Ancient Athenian Women of the Classical Period

Respectable women stayed indoors as much as possible, 20 and it was considered proper for them to keep out of the sun so their skin stayed white, like the "white-armed Hera. Or did they live very restricted lives during a time when democracy began to flourish?

Nonetheless, they did seem to enjoy some outdoor activities and it is realistic to assume that many had to work outside the home because they had no husbands or because their husbands were poor.

It could be a very dangerous existence, with invasions occurring and women taken prisoner. Perhaps the greatest of all degradation of women in Greek literature is the birth of Athena.

Women in Classical Athens

Every woman had a kyrios or male guardian. If there were no household slaves, her husband would purchase the household provisions. Pornoi prostitutes were much less respected and either plied their wears on the street or in a brothel. Women could not vote nor own property. Hesiod was very likely a misogynist, and "his views of gods and humankind not only shaped, but probably corresponded to the ideas held by the population as a whole.

The fact that men were denegation superior figures in this society, contributed entirely to the degrading of females. They rarely left the house, unless they were part of some sort of religious procession. Moreover, Athenian men married to have male children in order to perpetuate the family line and guarantee him honors when he died.

One can read the ancient sources concerned with women and their place in society, but in some sense, they are all secondary sources that were written by men about women. With no rights whatsoever, slaves were at the mercies of their masters and mistresses with no legal recourse available.

Thucydides mentions that women were in the audience on the day that Pericles made his famous speech in BC, and it is also known that they played a major role in religious activities and were thought to attend plays.

Essay: Women in Ancient Greece

In a lot of ways, even in her personal life, an Athenian woman was powerless. Poor women might be forced to take a job in the marketplace, the fields, or in an inn.

It is not until the Macedonians conquered the Hellenistic world that the status of women was elevated and some were given formal education. Tanagra Greek Figure of a Lady. There is nothing to assist modern scholars or students to determine what a typical woman in ancient Greece may have felt about her life.

The distribution and ownership of inheritance was quite unfair and complicated. They often include some very basic beliefs about life, society, and what roles men and women play in a culture. Living and working in the home, various responsibilities were imposed on women: The mortality rate for both mothers and babies was high.

Athenian Women of Ancient Greek Society

They are most often credited for the failure and demise of the heroes. These were the women who were held in high esteem within Greek culture. They were building an empire and developing many important aspects of society, such as art, architecture, philosophy, science, history, literature, sports, education, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, and the building blocks of democracy.

In either case, these ancient histories do not shed very much light on women or their importance, which is to be expected considering that much of the history of ancient Greece and especially of Athens, involved so much warfare and the building of an imperialistic empire.

This meant that an Athenian woman could never have any real financial say in her life. Pandora brought the Golden Age to an abrupt end by opening the jar and letting out "grim cares upon mankind. Even if caught in the courtyard of the house by a male visitor, they would return to the seclusion of their own apartments.

In this section, the leading girl carries an incense burner; those behind her carry jugs for pouring libations. The poem is a moral exemplum, which is illustrated in part by the Clytemnestra, Agamemnon, and Aegisthus triangle that ends with the murder of Agamemnon at the hands of his wife.Ancient Athenian Women of the Classical Period His interest was war and the military, so it is not surprising that women do not play a central role in his analysis.

He does mention women in The Funeral Oration of Pericles Nevertheless, women did play a role in the Athenian polis. Women in Mythology. Considering their limited role in actual society there is a surprisingly strong cast of female characters in Greek religion and mythology.

What Roles Did Women Play in Ancient Athens?

Athena, the goddess of wisdom and patron of Athens stands out as a powerful figure blessed with intelligence, courage and common to most ancient cultures where agriculture was crucial to the community, female fertility.

Ancient Greek Women and Art: The Material Evidence Brunilde S. Ridgway Bryn Mawr College, Ancient Greek Women and Art: The Material Evidence BRUNILDE SISMONDO RIDGWAY Abstract view of women's role in their society.

What I attempt. Just as a mother nurses a child, the society of ancient Greece, B.C., nurtured and cultivated its demeaning role of ancient Greece, women endured many difficulties and hardships especially in three main problems women encountered in this era.

Women in Ancient Athens

The Social Roles of Men, Women, and Slaves in Athenian socie Women, and Slaves in Athenian socie. When a baby was born it might have been abandoned if it was deformed (females were abandoned more often than males).

If another family finds an abandoned baby they might bring it up to be a slave. Slaves part in Ancient Athenian society Men. In Ancient Athens, women were not treated equally to men and mostly only served as wives and mothers.

Women were treated particularly poorly when it came to marriage, though they could own property under certain circumstances. Athenian women were like most women in ancient Greece. They had arranged.

An analysis of the role and treatment of women in the ancient athenian society
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