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Back to top of page Figures Many types of figures can help you present data to the reader, including graphs, charts, maps, drawings, and photographs.

Quotations within Apa style table of contents dissertation block or indented quotations may use double quotations. The use of Table of Contents while being important for most written work, is very important for dissertations, especially, when the proper methodology of creating the table of contents is followed.

It represents facts or data such as a chart or diagram rather than creative self-expression such as artwork, although some famous works of art are in the public domain and thus do not require permission. Data, Trends and Maps. The procedure may slightly differ for other versions of Microsoft Word.

If so, remember that this is just one example of a very important issue—ownership of intellectual property. Microsoft Word can generate Table of Contents automatically, but the document, particularly the headings would need to be formatted according to styles for this feature to work.

This would display a window with various formatting and appearance options. Note that all publishers have their own policies, so you should check with the publisher of your material to determine whether permission is necessary.

You may have noticed a few differences between the citations in Tables 1 and 2. Letters of Permission It is necessary to obtain letters of permission for the reproduction of any copyrighted material which exceeds the Federal law pertaining to "Fair Use. If you are using a direct quotation, use the same format, but you must include the page number where you found it, as shown in the second sentence below.

Rosenthal,Washington, DC: Regulation of sensory and emotional experience. If font size and style are not specified by the organization for which you are writing e. Changing Appearance of Pre-Defined Styles In order to change the appearance of a style to one that suits you, You would need to right click on one of the styles to open a drop down menu.

Contact the publisher of the image for more information if needed. Use ten underscore characters, ending with a period if the author is exactly the same as the previous one, or with a comma if the author is the first of a series of new authors, as shown below.

If one heading immediately follows another, leave only one blank line a double space between the two. The styles are not limited to headings only, but can be used for paragraphs as well, by selecting the whole paragraph and applying a style to it.

The abstract should be typed double-spaced with the same typeface and margins as the dissertation. Each abstract is stapled in the upper left corner and kept separate from the dissertation.

All that is needed to change the style of a type of a heading, and it is automatically reflected on all headings that use the style. Academic Sources Many scientific, technical, and medical publishers will allow you to reproduce images here meaning tables or figures without obtaining permission provided that the purpose of the use is scholarly comment, noncommercial research, or educational use and full credit is given to the author and publisher as copyright holder.

You can assign different levels of headings, different styles in order for Microsoft Word to recognize the level of heading. Avoid it if you can. Appendices Each appendix should have the proper designation at the top of the first page.

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How to Create Best Table of Contents for Dissertation

WHYTHISISIMPORTANT:$ MS!Word!can!make!a!Table!of!Contents!automatically!byusingheadingstyles. Manual for the Formatting of Graduate Dissertations and Theses Sample Pages for Students Following the APA Style Guide Sample Pages: This dissertation would not have been possible without the love, support, and APA Format [Sample: Table of Contents] Table of Contents Abstract iii Acknowledgments v Table of Contents vi.

APA Style Table of Contents The use of tables of contents in APA-style papers varies, depending on the type of paper that is being written. A literature review usually does not contain a table of contents, but instead contains a standard title page, introduction, and list of references.

Use of American Psychological Association (APA) Style Whether you use the standard APA style or you are approved to use an alternate style, you must follow it consistently throughout your dissertation.

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Table of Contents This section is required, and it is paginated. Note: The Publication of the American Psychological Association (6th Ed.) does not include a section on using a table of contents.

However, it might be helpful for longer papers, such as. Table of Contents and APA Heading Levels Description: This article describes how to use the Change Format function in conjunction with the Table of Contents function, to properly format a table of contents that will meet the APA formatting standards.

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Apa style table of contents dissertation
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