Critical and historical essays lord macaulay

Of those principles, then struggling for their infant existence, Milton was the most devoted and eloquent literary champion.

Critical and Historical Essays

His creed on such subjects will no more influence his poetry, properly so called, than the notions which a painter may have conceived respecting the lacrymal glands, or the circulation of the blood, will affect the tears of his Niobe, or the blushes of his Aurora.

A newly liberated people may be compared to a northern army encamped on the Rhine or the Xeres. The answer is short, clear, and decisive.

Its immediate effects are often atrocious crimes, conflicting errors, scepticism on points the most clear, dogmatism on points the most mysterious.

But whatever the adventures of the manuscript may have been, no doubt can exist that it is a genuine relic of the great poet. He had renounced oppressive prerogatives; but where was the security that he would not resume them?

If so, why not impeach Jefferies and retain James? But they are charmed names. It was from within.


That of Milton is so. The Presbyterians could never have been perfectly reconciled to the father: The bill receives his solemn assent; the subsidies are voted; but no sooner is the tyrant relieved, than he returns at once to all the arbitrary measures which he had bound himself to abandon, and violates all the clauses of the very Act which he had been paid to pass.

The style of the Athenian had, as we have remarked, something of the Oriental character; and the same peculiarity may be traced in his mythology. What are our own minds, the portion of spirit with which we are best acquainted?

The interruptions of the dialogue, however, impose a constraint upon the writer, and break the illusion of the reader. Hence the vocabulary of an enlightened society is philosophical, that of a half-civilised people is poetical. Throughout the volume are discernible the traces of a powerful and independent mind, emancipated from the influence of authority, and devoted to the search of truth.

Perhaps none of the secondary causes which Gibbon has assigned for the rapidity with which Christianity spread over the world, while Judaism scarcely ever acquired a proselyte, operated more powerfully than this feeling.

Yet the harvest is so abundant that the negligent search of a straggling gleaner may be rewarded with a sheaf. He had survived his health and his sight, the comforts of his home, and the prosperity of his party.

In the vast field of criticism on which we are entering, innumerable reapers have already put their sickles. They are not ugly beasts.A collection of Critical and Historical Essays by Lord Macaulay. A New Edition. Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Baron Macaulay, PC (25 October 28 December ) was a British historian and Whig politician.

Critical and Historical Essays by Lord MacAulay - st - Two Volume Set. $ + $ Critical and Historical Essays 3 Volume Set Edinburgh Review Lord Macaulay $ Details about Critical and Historical Essays by Lord Macaulay / 2 Volume Set in 1.

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CRITICAL AND HISTORICAL ESSAYS Item Preview remove-circle by LORD MACAULAY. Publication date Collection americana. Digitizing sponsor Google. Book from the collections of unknown library. Sep 17,  · Critical and Historical Essays - Volume III Thomas Babington Macaulay, british historian and Whig politician () This ebook presents «Critical and Historical Essays - Volume III», from Thomas Babington Macaulay.

Critical and historical essays lord macaulay
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