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Various hypotheses have been suggested as possible explanations for this significant change in predictability, but there is no clear consensus on which institutional or macroeconomic factor might best suited to explain this phenomenon.

How do the health effects of this crisis compare with those of other crises? Junior year Take electives in areas that interest you, especially a writing intensive course that could be a springboard to a thesis.

With this data set, it is possible to investigate a number of questions regarding the effects of smaller classes and different kinds of teachers on different groups of students, and whether these effects persisted over time. Has it differentially affected young versus older-age mortality, or male versus female mortality?

Economics senior thesis for Use An economics senior thesis is appropriate for a capstone learning experience.

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It takes two semesters and assumes a traditional 4-year student graduating on time. Many of these theses won the Romine Prize for the best senior thesis.

But many students have difficulty coming up with a topic that "works"—one that is researchable by an Econ senior and where data are readily available. However, small stocks tend to exhibit abnormally high returns from late December through early January.

The Survey of Consumers is a monthly survey of the economic expectations and buying attitudes of U. A faculty honors committee will review all of the submissions to select a winner. All students that write a senior honors thesis are automatically nominated for the Romine prize. Details of this process are outlined here.

Most of the office meeting in these early stages are more socratic in style. This report should include some results and will be the last draft that you submit prior to your final thesis. This model is relatively time-intensive.

Senior Thesis

Follow-up studies tracked their later achievement. The schedule below pertains only to your correspondence with the instructor of the honors seminar.

Each question would be the basis of a hypothesis that you would test in your thesis.

Senior Honors Theses

The Massachusetts effort served as the model for the national health reform law that was passed in The variables include assessments of personal finances, expected changes in family income, and attitudes towards business conditions in the economy as a whole, over the near and the long-term horizon.

Spring Semester Senior Year At the beginning of the semester, you should submit a 15 page report. The students were tested in math and reading in grades KEconomics (BA) Senior Thesis The centerpiece of the economics senior experience is undoubtedly the senior thesis.

If you are to succeed in this endeavor, you will need to develop certain values, knowledge and skills.

For all honors thesis candidates: Take one “data methods” course and one “mathematical economics” course For students interested in finding out more, please attend the information session on honors theses that will be given by Prof.

Ken Chay at the beginning of every spring semester. A senior honors thesis is a chance to investigate an idea, theoretical issue, policy problem, or historical situation of keen economic interest.

All senior thesis writers take an Ec Senior Thesis Tutorials. The Senior Thesis Seminar Lottery is closed. Senior Thesis Seminars There are seven Ec seminars on offer this year.

Economics Senior Thesis

goals of the senior thesis The centerpiece of the economics senior experience is undoubtedly the senior thesis. If you are to succeed in this endeavor, you will need to develop certain Values, Knowledge, and Skills.

ECON BC requires an oral presentation of your work and submission of the final thesis (two copies), including citations and bibliography, conforming to approved Senior Thesis Style.

Deadline for submission of the thesis is. WHY TO WRITE A SENIOR THESIS IN ECONOMICS Writing a senior thesis is a challenge that every student at Harvard should take up, and certainly every student in the Economics Department.

Your senior thesis ought to be – and for most students it will be – the highlight of your undergraduate academic experience.

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Economics senior thesis
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