How to write a letter to godparents

Dear Freddie (a Letter to my Godson)

Congratulations on your birthday goddaughter, I hope that this day can be filled with many joys. Thank you for your generosity. The guy friend who was a womanizer, bed hopping and heartbreaking no longer held much respect from me.

You taught me to be the shining light for God each day. You must always look with both of your eyes and listen with both of your ears. Have a memorable birthday.

We always have such a brilliant time together! It is as if life gifts us a child while we are committed to providing care if their parents cannot.

21 Good Thank You Message for Godparents

Thank you for being my Godfather. Yet we always have each to turn to in times of crisis. With love, your godmother. On this day you are meeting another year of life, I wish you all the best in the world. However, as the days went by and the more I persuaded you to do soyou took her in your arms and fell in love with her almost immediately.

Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. I remember when I asked you to hold this little baby girl, you baulked, saying you were too scared to hold this little 8lb 1oz soul.

So you can see the huge burden that is making the right decision. When you came into this world were the heart of your parents and all your family filled with great joy.

But you promised you would be here, you promised you cared. Your presence and generosity are very much appreciated.

Excellent Letter For My Goddaughter On Her Birthday

We hope that these two models will serve as a guide for you to compose a special note to your goddaughter on the day of her birthday. Bring a teddy bear, a bag of candy, a soda. Jamie By Jamie T I love you both so much and always will xxx Yours most faithfully.

You also wrote me the most beautiful poem, describing all our ups and downs up to that point, including the most difficult one of all, watching our wonderful granny, the woman we loved so much and who had most influence in our lives, slowly dying from the awful C word.

Once again, we four individuals The Godparents, my girl, and I go on to face another difficult journey in our lives, one that is particularly difficult for my daughter.

Take the time to really think whether you can provide that. Thank you for witnessing my Christening. God will grant you many more years of life and I will be by your side to celebrate with you.

I liked to see you on this day. As a parent, all I want you to do is spend some time with your godchild. Like, a backup parent if you will. Know that she loves story time and loves it when you sit her down and read to her.I absolutely adore Jamie with that beautiful writing to his Godson and I really want to learn about this great young man.

I am a humanitarian and have a passion to Nature. God gave me nothing but one precious thing and that is my heart, beats for people and feels their pain no matter where they are.

Nice letter for my goddaughter on her birthday Being a godfather of one of the children of our family or our friends is a privilege that we received with much happiness. It is as if life gifts us a child while we are committed to providing care if their parents cannot.

Sep 20,  · Most pastors still require that their own parishioners obtain a letter of permission before they serve as a sponsor or godparent for someone outside their own parish. I don’t really understand the logic for that, but hey, they’re the pastors. An Open Letter To My Godchild Jillian Bradley Jillian Bradley Feb 16, views.

views. comments. To my sweet girl, Remi Marie. I hope you know how grateful I am to care for you as a godmother - to hold your hand, to watch you grow and to walk with you through our faith.

And I hope one day you can understand how much I cherish the. This article is dedicated to my Godparents, Uncle Terry and Auntie Mylene.

Thank you for giving me hope, wisdom, ongoing support, and for loving me like your own daughter. I will never be able to express my gratitude enough for been given the privilege of. Being a godparent is an amazing privilege.

To show your gratitude and thankfulness for this blessing, check out this great thank you message for godparents. “Dear God mother, You are a special gift to me from God.

How to write a letter to godparents
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