How to write an inquiry based research paper

Let readers know what you wanted to learn and why. It is important that these drugs are available for those who truly benefit from them, but they should be given with therapy, which was shown to be the most effective method. Questions often have a number of responses, or there are various aspects to a question, which stimulate a number of answers.

A question calls for an answer. How, What, Where, Why, When, etc. It is difficult to know the truth, but this information makes it extremely important for proper diagnosis for children before they are put on antidepressants.

One reason I feel this way is because I think that the more medications that people take, the more they put off actually getting to the root of their problems.

Some factors that my have influenced my view are my community where I grew up. Explore and Expand Take your outline and expand upon each section, exploring your views on the topic and integrating the authoritative sources.

I offer these to you so you can see the types of topics that have made for successful inquiry projects. What factors lead certain businesses to outlaw skateboarding in their parking lots? In answering the question, the researcher can begin to describe and analyze the relevant differences of opinion, which may lead to a more fruitful and interesting question.

Do not choose one of these topics without first discussing it with me. Explain what you already knew about the topic before you even started researching.

Use authoritative sources such as academic journal articles, your textbooks or websites authored by reputable experts and professionals. What kinds of businesses outlaw skateboarding in their parking lots?

Review your list, looking for a topic that jumps out as more interesting or a better fit for the assignment than others. Students will be please to hear at this point that they have already completed a significant section of their first draft.

Have students generate a list of potential topics. An open question invites reply, and that reply can lead to other questions.

When you come up with a question, keep thinking. The first step of your paper-writing process -- after choosing a topic -- is to ask a specific question.

I really do not know very much on the issue of the effects that antidepressants have on children, but my general opinion is the fewer drugs the better. While writing my first reaction to the issue, I had no idea that antidepressants really might hold such dangerous risks for children.

How to Write an Inquiry Paper

How is gay marriage portrayed on Fox news as opposed to CNN? Issues like these lead writers to write in generalizations, generalizations that often encompass massive amounts of information that a writer cannot cover successfully in the scope of a single semester. Writers and researchers are best served with questions that are open-ended, questions that invite some complexity.

I think this also supports the idea that therapy can be very helpful to help teach a way to deal with problems without the drugs. The Effectiveness of Antidepressants on Children and Youth I have chosen to write about the effects that antidepressants have on children and youth.

This may be why I tend to think the fewer drugs the better and other methods might be more effective including yoga, acupuncture, or even just counseling.Inquiry Essay: The Effectiveness of Antidepressants on Children and Youth I have chosen to write about the effects that antidepressants have on children and youth.

Promoting Student-Directed Inquiry with the I-Search Paper

This current issue is affecting many people right now and there are several views that groups have taken on this issue. Inquiry-Based Research Essay: Cultural Awareness and Analysis For all of human history, individuals and groups of people have worked to form their iden-tities.

Some elements of our identity are unique and specific to each of us. Other elements are shared and help us feel like part of a group.

These elements are all part of our culture.

How to write your Inquiry/Research Question

Narrowing a research topic down to a specific, easily researched question can be challenging for students. Use the Inquiry-based Paper template (Webspiration Classroom™ Starter> Starter Docs>Thinking and Planning>Inquiry-based Paper) as a tool. In the fall ofwe shifted to an inquiry-based model in the Senior Humanities Seminar to teach the research paper by approaching the project as a thematic unit in.

The sense of curiosity behind research writing gets lost in some school-based assignments. This Strategy Guide provides the foundation for cultivating interest and authority through I-Search writing, including publishing online.

The student ends of up writing a report all about a topic, rather than an essay, in an argument, in which the writer takes a stance and writes a clear thesis statement.

II. What are the advantages of using research questions? A question calls for an answer.

How to write an inquiry based research paper
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