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As mentioned above, the continent boasts of a multi-million Dollar investment in "home video" entertainment. I am both humbled and honoured to be admitted into the Inner Bar and I believe it brings some measure of significance to Intellectual Property IP in Nigeria.

Click to Login as an existing user or Register so you can print this article. The WIPO also acts as depository to other treaties which include the WIPO Copyright Treaty regulating copyright protection among member nations also stressing the principle of national treatment, and WIPO Producers of Phonograms Treaty regulating phonograms production and protection of rights of phonograms.

The main goal of the design is to cope with problems, like sales, sustainability, brand development, marketing, physical ergonomics, usability, function and form. As a result, there are few legal scholars in this interesting but unpopular Intellectual property in nigeria of law, possibly because of the seemingly intractable intellectual property theft across the country.

Manpower development and specialized IPR training for officers. As IPRs are ultimately private rights, right holders have the largest immediate financial stake in ensuring the protection of those rights. To print this article, all you need is to be registered on Mondaq.

NAFDAC has seized and destroyed increasingly large quantities of counterfeit products over the last three years. Therefore, any unauthorised usage of the industrial design can lead to a judicial settlement. The enforcement of IPRs thus protects local commercial and industrial innovation, as well as encouraging technology transfer and foreign investment.

Directory of Intellectual Property Offices

It is obviously more effective to seize a single shipment of infringing products while they are in transit, rather than to await their distribution in the market. In the same time, this humour content is considered to be an Intellectual Property of a person created this parody.

Administrative and regulatory enforcement is considered to be comprehensive, speedy and relatively inexpensive. IPRs are protected through the registration of rights with the relevant registries and regulatory bodies established by the Nigerian Government, such as the Trademarks, Patent and Designs Registry,07The registry is an agency operating under the Commercial Law Department of the Federal Ministry of Commerce.

For proper economic, social and cultural development to occur, Intellectual Property must play a fundamental role. Police raids are conducted under the Merchandise Marks Act, which makes it an offence to falsely apply a trademark to goods not belonging to the true proprietor.

There are inadequacies in the system of civil judicial procedures and remedies, including injunctions for a party to desist from an infringement, the attribution of adequate damages and expenses, destruction or removal from the channels of commerce of infringing goods, materials or machinery used in the production of such goods and the closure of facilities where production or trade of infringing goods take place.

The parts and processes of an iPhone are protected by the patent. The issue of decentralisation of collecting society for intellectual property has remained a major issue.

The Minister may prescribe conditions for the supply of more affordable medicines in certain circumstances so as to protect the health of the public, and in particular may: Creation of economic inequalities, thus polarizing the world.

This measure is aimed at enforcing the rights of existing registered proprietors. Information Technology is also in the early level of development thus not encouraging proper research by IP experts, students and scholars.

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Criminal procedures are seen as deficient. The history of ARIPO goes back to the early seventies when a regional seminar on patents and copyright for english speaking African countries was held in Nairobi.

The major challenge to IP protection is most certainly digital technology. The ineffectiveness of enforcement systems was attributed, in many cases, to a lack of human resources, funding and practical experience in IP enforcement of relevant officials, insufficient knowledge on the side of right holders and the general public, concerning their rights and remedies, and systemic problems resulting from insufficient national and international coordination, including a lack of transparency.

It is a unique agency responsible for the enforcement of the Copyright Law in Nigeria, carrying out raids and seizing items that are pirated, prosecuting perpetrators and convicting them with copyright infringement.

Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement In Nigeria: Regulatory Agencies To The Rescue

Through registering a trademark, the Trademark Registry will refuse registration to any trademarks it deems confusingly similar to the trademark. Although Nigeria currently has a legal regime in place to curb, or at least reduce, this menace, it has only the barest minimum of effects, and more still needs to be done to ensure effective enforcement and stay in tune with the best international practices.

P19Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, For instance, there should be recognition and incorporation of the registrability of smell, sound and geographical indication into our laws. In the context of public health, the challenge for policy makers is to find an optimal balance between the rights of patent owners, who provide technological innovations to improve health conditions, and the needs of the general public.

Intellectual Property IP refers to property rights in the creations of the mind, such as inventions, industrial designs, symbols, names, images among others.Acronym Contact Details Office URL; OAPI: Regional Office: African Intellectual Property Organization: Web site: ARIPO: Regional Office: African Regional Intellectual Property Organization.

Nigeria is a signatory to the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (“TRIPS”) which seeks to establish new rules and disciplines concerning the provision of adequate standards and principles concerning the availability, cope, effective and appropriate means for the enforcement of trade-related IPRs amongst others.

Nigeria: A collection of national legislation on intellectual property and international treaties on patents, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications, copyright, traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions, etc. Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Nigeria Several general principles are important for effective management of intellectual property rights (IPR) in Nigeria.

First, it is important to have an overall strategy to protect your IP. Nigeria - Protection of Property Rights. Jul 12,  · Intellectual property (IP) is an umbrella term for various legal entitlements which attach to certain names, written and recorded media and inventions.

The word IP refers to creation of the mind and expression: inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names and images used in commerce.

Intellectual Property Law in Nigeria

Nigeria Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property (IP) law seems to be an area that does not really appeal to the majority of Nigerian legal practitioners.

As a result, there .

Intellectual property in nigeria
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