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What service and support opportunities exist for enterprise wearables? The big question for consumers: How will 5G transform video? Most of their acquisitions are in the connectivity domain.

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How can my company leverage smart clothing applications? MSPs must have a thorough understanding of what technologies are pertinent Mobile service research their current portfolios and what new technologies will be: In terms of sales techniques, subscriptions, rewards and discounts are being offered as an incentive for the purchase of a smartphone.

Your 50 - page PowerPoint trend report can be created in as little as a day although a week is ideal. What are the vendor shares and forecasts for mobile IC platforms?

Smart home will increasingly expand into adjacent consumer markets, such as mobile handsets and consumer transportation, just as it is already making changes in retail, security and insurance. Which Mobile service research markets will become key opportunities for both telco cloud and 5G services?

Additionally, the enterprise market and destination VR are early performers in a market many viewed as largely consumer. What consumer device and network technologies are transforming the industry and why? What are the smartphone trends and forecasts my company needs to know?

Research-and-development spend is mostly flat, which is also aimed at the connectivity business. How can vendors sell carrier grade equipment to verticals directly?

If you want to convert trend report insights into action, ask about our Innovation Accelerator run by our CEO, a NY Times Bestselling strategist and top keynote speaker on innovation. You contact us to let us know your needs.

Digital transformation is central for MSPs to embrace new market opportunities. Smart clothing and hearables specifically will be burgeoning markets, and both will be feeding into data analytics. And many have access to digital content to increase the subscriber base; thus, ARPU average revenue per user continues to rise.

The Explore Data feature guides users through answering specific questions about their data helping to explore trends in the data, relationships in the data, and the distribution of the data. Web Site Memoir A time-capsule app that can resurface photographs, Instagram snaps, Facebook posts and more to remind you what you were doing two, three, even five years ago; app asks for access to your social media accounts and to the pictures on your phone; organize and label photos, request photos from friends on the platform, look at calendar of recent memories to search for memories tied to your current location.

How many services do I need to access the content I want? How should established system integrators aim to become prime integrators for telcos? But this domain needs innovation. Annotations for Mac Annotations simplifies adding and managing notes to texts while keeping the documents clear and readable — making it the perfect helper for researchers, students and other data analysts; Highlight text with colours, assign custom keywords or add notes of any size quickly and effortlessly; Organize and filter subsets of annotations; Add annotations to custom collections or show them by document, type, keywords or matching search criteria.

Yet, the future market strategies for MSPs encompass challenges, priorities and opportunities that focus on ecosystem and market issues, network and technology as well as business model and client engagement.

Your dedicated researcher begins by consulting with you on the topic goals, desired depth, breadth and style of report or presentation you require. How should a telco digitally transform their business?

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The total number of patents filed by the Top 20 telcos have been in decline since What parts of existing networks can support 5G, and what needs to be upgraded? And churn is immensely expensive. The content market is in the process of reshaping the TV and video landscape.

The ecosystem of MSPs — including mobile network operators MNOs and telecommunication providers — is also under pressure. The prevalence of mobile music streaming services is also outlined. The enterprise is the next big focus.

How can OTT services be a catalyst for new media growth? Telcos are modernizing internal operations to take advantage of analytics, AI and other technologies to help them compete against the agility and responsiveness of web-scale companies.Mobile Device Management The proliferation of both employer- and employee-owned mobile devices in the workplace presents new challenges for IT management and security.

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The variety of devices, operating systems, and apps — many of which may conflict with existing organizational standards — requires new configuration, reporting, and support capabilities.

Expert analysis on established and emerging global mobile, digital and online markets.

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Juniper Research is a global leader for industry research and data. Select your location {{}}. Mobile Backend As A Service Market Is Estimated to grow by ~64% of CAGR, Global Mobile Backend As A Service Market categorizes the Global Market by Service Type, Operating System, Organization Size and Application | Mobile Backend As A Service Industry.

The Qualitative Report Guide to Qualitative Research Mobile Applications Mobile ethnography for service design via customer structured research based on perceived service sequence and service components importance through journey mapping and touchpoints sequences Web Site.

Therefore, in this research, we analyzed an array of mobile money deployments from across the We found that many aspects of a mobile money service can likely be generalized and replicated from country to country, and don’t need to be re-invented for each deployment, but also that there are.

Mobile service research
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