Pest analysis of pharmaceutical industry in pakistan

The consistent increase in homecare shows that nursing services shift their working to private sector. The network of roads is necessary for quick traveling and also enhances the economic activities but it is not as important as health and education or removing of power shortage.

The improvement in technology has create new business prospects and in the coming time, new therapy systems and services will provide information for the healthcare products and it will also help in customize treatments and direct to patient advertising Alan Shaw, Economical factors The economic situation in the country affects the pace and development of this industry.

They also ensure proper use of the medicines and prevent the issue of highly sensitive medicines to unauthorized persons Academic Sample Papers, The prices of the oil and gas are increasing and prices of the things are also increasing drastically and become out of reach of the common people.

The government has no control over the prices of milk and its products. Pakistan is giving attention on industries and new technology is being introduced for the manufacturing of fabrics, garments, crockery and sports goods. Faisalabad is well known for manufacturing of textile and it is called Manchester of Pakistan.

The government can control the supply of milk and should adopt such policy to pasteurize it and pack it in the packing material and provide in the market at the fixed rate Syed Behroz Ali Rizvi, Legal Factors The legal position of the country is also weak as there is no focus on the legal position and making new laws and regulations to keep the country on the right track.

The Bangladesh Context, available at davidpublishing. Technological Factors Most of the pharmaceutical countries are using the advanced technologies in manufacturing of medicines and drugs.

Thousands of people want to do this business and they consider it most profitable business but they do not become successful because of their lack of skills in PESTEL analysis. The governments make their drug regulatory authorities, which supervise and implements the necessary regulations of drug control and they also regulate the operation of export and import of medicines and drugs, production and export of finished drugs, their sales and pricing Mohammad Nayeem, Robaka Shamsher, It is also the prime responsibility of the government to provide health care facilities to each individual of the country.

The government is imposing taxes of all commodities even the eatable products, which has grown concerns among the people.

The countries are getting support from other countries, whose economy is strong so that they can manage their business well and they can face the economic disaster effectively. It is the basic task of the parliament to make new laws and regulations to remove the evils from the society but parliament does not show any interest in making new laws or overcome the crimes.

Environmental Factors There are serious issues of environment and they are becoming more dangerous especially in the industrial areas.

They are developing their business by importing of new and fresh models of the smart phone. Pakistan is a developing country, which has population of about million and majority of population is living in rural areas.

PESTEL-PESTLE Analysis of Pakistan

The government is involved in serious cases of money laundering and corruption, commission and other serious allegations. The law and order situation in Punjab is also not good and it needs immediate attention to curb the criminals from the rural areas of South Punjab. It helps developing, producing and marketing the approved medicines and drugs.

There are stories of corruption in the government and private sector and the people on the top of the government do not pay taxes, which has increased the diverse condition of the government economic policies.

It has democratic system and government is elected by the people. The removal of solid waste is not strictly adhered and government has shown less attention over such issues and they do not have focus over powerful corporation system for the removal of dust and garbage from the center of the cities and they cause smell and spread of various diseases.

The governments have to focus on the political pressure on the pharmaceutical industry and want to make them safe for the use of patients. When the strategic buying groups look the economic pressures, they force to cut down the prices of the medicines Alan Shaw, They should declare health free of every citizen of Pakistan and provide costly medicine for the treatment of deadly diseases, whose treatment is out of reach of the common people UKessays, The sport industry is mainly working in Sialkot and it is importing its most of the products to the European, America, Middle East countries and earns huge profit.

When government start taking action or make the regulation, they should mention what sort of pressure is there, which insist them to take such action to control the medicine. The economic conditions of most of the countries across the world are not good and they are facing economic recession, which is appeared after a long time.

The public is not pleased with their policies as they think differently from the masses and their priority list is not up to the expectations of the people.

Technological Factors Pakistan is the big user of mobile phone and IT technology and numerous mobile phone companies are providing their latest mobile phones, tablets and IT products in the market.

They should also ensure the provision of all types of medicines to all of the people as the expensive medicines are not provided in the general hospitals for the treatment of common people.

They have started different Corporate Social Responsibility programs and take the opportunity to product development, which can identify eco opportunities to promote these products and this business. Even a vegetable and fruit vender is challenging the writ of the government.Pestel analysis of Textile industry of Pakistan.

Pages. Pestel analysis of Textile industry of Pakistan.

PESTEL Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry

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Download. Pestel analysis of Textile industry of Pakistan. This is the detailed PESTEL or PEST analysis of Pakistan. PESTEL analysis covers political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal aspects of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a developing country, which has population of about million and majority of population is. GlaxoSmithKline PESTEL Analysis. The level of implementation of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) marketing strategy is subject to a range of external and internal factors that. The Indian pharmaceutical industry grew at a very slow pace from tolargely due to the lack of incentives and the failure of the government to set-up a concrete regulatory framework.

Today, the industry is characterized by numerous governmental regulations and policy changes, stifling price controls, rigorous controls on formulations, and an absence of international patent protection.4/4(4).

political, economical, social, and technological analysis of Pakistan for milk industry. political, economical, social, and technological analysis of Pakistan for milk industry Pest analysis of pakistan 1.

1 2. PESTLE and SWOT analyses Ittehad Chemicals Ltd. A PESTLE analysis for the pharmaceutical industry. It is set at a very general level but it can be used as a template or adapted to be more specific if.

Pest analysis of pharmaceutical industry in pakistan
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