Sailing the wine dark sea why the greeks matter

Cahill comments that this differs from the furrowed brow of the believer the Jews and the green-eye shade hardness of the accountant the Phoeniciansthe two previous possessors of language. Cahill fails to prove his primary thesis, that the Greeks do matter.

Internet porn and beer advertisements have shown how well that turned out, yeah? It is the expansion of the Roman Empire, the absorption of the local mythologies of those they conquered, that shaped the hierarchies and ceremonies of the Catholic Church and through them the Protestants.

Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter

As the book progresses, Cahill lifts from Joyce, Auden, Tennyson, and every third Greek writer of note, padding out the thinness of his own ideas with poignant bits of poetry. If comedy is of no use in determining morality — after all, what is funnier than pricking pompous moralists and shocking delicate sensibilities?

They matter like any other sterile old manuscript, dusty with age.

Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter by Thomas Cahill - PDF free download eBook

Sailing the Wine Dark Sea: And they do matter: Irreverence makes its first recorded appearance at BCE on a cup inscription recommending drinking and fucking. And none outside Greece come in for more spanking than the Romans, who he falsely declares as having no spirituality or sense of religion save what they stole from Greece.

Politics leads to the destruction of Greek culture and Cahill slanders various factions, none more in Greece than the Epicureans who he paints as no more than debauched gluttons, the usual ignorant depiction.

Hinges hold up doors; they should slam this one shut. When Cahill discusses the origins of the alphabet, first a Semitic-Phoenician accounting tool, then with vowels added by the Greeks, there are rather interesting tidbits and I smacked my lips in pleasure.

This was all I got, however, tidbits. Whew, thanks for clearing that up. And apparently according to Cahill, the only way we can know that females were at some point well-considered or publicly considered was if any nude sculptures ever were made of them.

It became the hodgepodge of Byzantium iconography enslaved by the Ottoman Empire, a poor companion to the lusty life that Western Christianity experienced as the mistress of Roman Imperialism. Why the Greeks Matter is not really that book. But why does he go into such complete and total detail?

What happened to more Greek influenced Christianity? Kennedy as a man who really knew his Pericles. Let me save you the trouble of reading this chapter and simply direct you to read the introduction to any volume of Plato dialogues which will almost certainly include snippets of the pre-Socratic schools of thought then read the dialogues themselves.

Does he dig up forgotten Greek wisdom of some staggering utility for now? Almost the whole of the Church calendar is of Roman derivation, not Greek.

Sailing the wine-dark sea : why the Greeks matter

The book lacks anything like scope of ideology, just sampling here and there from the Greek culture platter. The more you learn of Greek history, the more it seems that had the Greeks remained dominant, Western society would sure be a lot more fun.

Has anyone over the age of seventeen not heard this story yet? The remainder of the chapter consists of several page long Socratic dialogues lifted directly and lengthy summaries of same. At no point does Cahill demonstrate that this moment constitutes a hinge nor does he actually go about proving that the Greeks matter.

Does he show us how we can use Greek thought in the current world? Rather, he gives us one little anecdote and character after another. These hinges are points in which the whole world could have gone one way or the other and why they fell the way they did.

What he does is jog through the history and culture of a time and occasionally mention how that notion sure came in handy once upon a time. As a natural result of discussing alphabets, Sailing sails on to literature, where Cahill skims the surface a good deal and never dives deep into this wine-dark sea.

As though they had no beliefs prior to usurping the Greek model. Jul 17, J rated it did not like it I rather thought, when I picked this book up, that it would provide a great number of little known facts about the Greeks, that it would draw clearly the often hidden connections modern life has to the earliest democracy, and that Cahill would underline the importance of studying Greek culture for what it can teach us today.

For tidbits, we are treated to this fact: This is followed up with airy speculation on kouros Greek statuary as a projection of the ideal. Cahill, who became pop-famous for his book How the Irish Saved Civilization, detailing how Irish monasteries kept up writing and copying manuscripts throughout the Dark Ages, has parlayed that success into a series of pop histories he names Hinges of History.

The discussion of literature leads to drama, which does allow Cahill to waste time regaling us with an excruciatingly detailed account of the story of Oedipus, including giving away that hoary old chestnut, the riddle of the Sphinx, in the bargain.In Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, his fourth volume to explore "the hinges of history," Thomas Cahill escorts the reader on another entertainingand historically unassailablejourney through the landmarks of art and bloodshed that defined Greek culture nearly three millennia ago.

The way they went: Greco-Roman meets Judeo-Christian "In Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, his latest bestselling work of popular history, Thomas Cahill escorts the reader on another entertaining-and historically unassailable-journey through the landmarks of art and bloodshed that defined Greek culture nearly three millennia ago.

In ancient Greece, honors could be won in making love and war, and lives Pages: Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, the fourth volume of Thomas Cahill’s Hinges of History, examines and explains the structure of Greek society and ideas as well as the reasons why it has permeated so much of what we know of Western culture.

But Cahill’s answer to why the Greeks matter is two-fold/5. Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter by Thomas Cahill in CHM, FB2, TXT download e-book. Editions for Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter: (Paperback published in ), (Hardcover published in ), (Kindl. How to Feel - THE WANDERER - Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter (Hinges of History) - by Thomas Cahill.

Sailing the wine dark sea why the greeks matter
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