Speech on self reflection

I could have used a follow up visual aid instead of just displaying my outline. Information regarding this assignment is found on pp. One thing that I think I will try to improve on for my next speech is my delivery. I think that my strengths as a speaker are that I can talk with an issue of running out of what to say, for example my first video I made, I got talking and it finished with a time of 12 minutes.

I think that divorced parents are something that a lot of students can relate to because it is so prevalent. Indicate what timetable you followed in these steps.

Maybe their parents are divorced or they have friends whose parents are, or they know how difficult family relationships can be. I also believe I speak with a voice that is able to heard extremely well, as it is very low.

Constantly talking with friends and teammates on and off the field has allowed for me to carry just about any dialogue, but also talking on the field has allowed me to develop the ability to know what to say to get my point across Speech on self reflection in the correct tone.

When it hit one minute I was practically done. I just need more practice and now that I have already delivered my first speech, I know what to expect for next time. Since I was presenting something to my class that was quite personal I wanted to look and feel comfortable, which meant maintaining consistent eye contact with all.

To overcome both of these I just need to set aside more time for planning and constructing my speech. In the end, it only had to be three minutes long, which is nothing in the realm of presentations compared to ten or twenty minute long speeches I have had to do.

I was able to take all of my ideas and put them in order in my mind and in my speech without writing my whole speech out.

Posted on July 21, by brusadmfm After watching my speech, I thought there were areas in which I excelled and areas where I can improve.

I also think that my transitions could use some improvement. At the end of the presentation, I remember feeling satisfied and ready for questions. I volunteered to be the first presenter, which is my normal tactic when it comes to in class presentations.

If you merely state in your self-evaluation that you did this or that, and you thought it was successful without considering what feedback you received on the outcome from your classmates and instructor, you are not fulfilling an important aspect of the self-evaluation assignment.

The next lesson I want to take away for the future would be to incorporate more strategies that allow me to connect with my audience. Submitting a file upload Unless you reflect on your previous speech and think about what you did right and what you need to improve upon, it is unlikely you will grow from one speech to the next.

Moment of Connection Though I wish I had a better moment of connection, the only time that comes to my mind during my presentation where I really felt like I connected with the audience was probably in the very beginning when I told the class that this was a story about how I lost my parents relationship.

I usually do not mind speaking in front of crowds, but I am not used to being recorded. The self-evaluation requires you look through two lenses — what you personally experienced during the speech process as well as how your efforts were viewed from an audience perspective.

If i could do this speech again, I would find a secondary visual aid to show besides the video of the fire and to replace my outline. I forgot to give an expression that looks like I am ready to receive questions i.

For this presentation, my major goal was to only use the note cards when I absolutely needed to or if I lost my place. Tuesday, 7 February Reflective Essay 1: Going along with eye contact, another goal I set out to accomplish was to limit my use of looking at my note cards.

I tried to limit the information I put on my note cards to just one or two words that could jump-start my memory if I got lost.

Refer to the speech rubric to consider eye contact, body language, language, articulation, pronunciation, use of note card, and achievement of time requirements.A sample reflection/self-evaluation paper is found below, you can use these same questions for all informative speech reflections: How To Speech Eval Sample mint-body.com How To Speech Eval Sample mint-body.com Speech on Self-Reflection Often when one embarks on a journey, one does not only encounter the hardships and experiences the physical side of the journey offers.

People experience journeys in varied different ways. A journey is an act of travelling from one place to another. The texts I have chosen to express the complex and varied ways one. I think that my speech on Monday went very well. I was not very nervous leading up to my speech, but I did get a little bit nervous while I was speaking.

I was worried that my voice might shake and take away from the effectiveness of my speech, but some of my classmates assured me that they thought. Self-Evaluation and Reflection Evaluating yourself after a speech is often an uncomfortable experience.

Self-Evaluation and Reflection

(Have you watched the video Review Your Speech (In Mute)?). Speech on Self-Reflection Often when one embarks on a journey, one does not only encounter the hardships and experiences the physical side of the journey offers.

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Jul 21,  · After watching my speech, I thought there were areas in which I excelled and areas where I can improve. I thought my content fulfilled the objective and was entertaining to the viewer; however I need to work on my delivery because I used a lot of "like" and "um" in my speech.

Speech on self reflection
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