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But I hope to have argued that they are necessary to a civil society in the 21st century and that, as processes to negotiate complexity and threats in a transformative and challenging world, they are necessary.

A world view of cultural differences over the centuries undermines the genetic theory as well. I have argued against this theory in many places but will not take the time to go into these lengthy arguments here. It must give voice to the lived experience of multicultural Australia.

Diversity and Inclusion: Why it Works at Work

Where soil fertile enough to support human life exists only in isolated patches, widely separated, there tend to be isolated cultures often with different languages or dialects in a culturally fragmented region. Another explanation that has had varying amounts of acceptance at different times and places is the biological or genetic theory of differences among peoples.

The later rise of Western Europe to world preeminence in science and technology built upon these foundations, and then the science and technology of European civilization began to spread around the world, not only to European offshoot societies such as the United States or Australia but also to non-European cultures, of which Japan is perhaps the most striking example.

For example, first generation human rights are civil and political rights that include the rights to such things as the vote, freedom from discrimination, freedom of speech and the like. They should also be about substantive equality. But that is not how any cultures have arrived where they are.

Decisions about change, if any, seem to be regarded as collective decisions, political decisions. It also makes racial discrimination and racial vilification unlawful.

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In terms of religious affiliation, those numbers who have soared are those who have no religion — a group that now constitutes 30 per cent of the population. The incoming Rudd government, on the other hand, stated that it would continue multicultural policy.

But, again taking a world view, we find Jews prominent, often predominant, and usually prospering, in the apparel industry in medieval Spain, in the Ottoman Empire, in the Russian Empire, in Argentina, in Australia, and in Brazil. Benefits of Cultural Diversity Research the benefits of cultural diversity, and then either provide an overview of these positive contributions or focus on how to maximize one or two specific benefits.

Their environments-- in the narrow sense in which the term is commonly used-- were virtually identical. But they are certainly far more widespread, swift and extensive than ever before.

They may have a point in such things as music, art, and literature from different cultures, but there are many human purposes common to peoples of all cultures.

Our current public and political debates about cultural diversity can leave some feeling unwelcome or incompatible with the broader society. Perhaps it is because we are still living in the long, grim shadow of the Nazi Holocaust and are understandably reluctant to label anything or anyone "superior" or "inferior.

This idea can be particularly interesting if that culture is either a constant presence on your campus or the victim of discrimination.

It goes to the mission of the arts when they flourish: Perhaps it was worth losing a little of the indigenous culture to be rid of that problem. Third generation human rights are collective rights, for example, the right for self-determination and development. All too often, the answer to that question must be: Highlighting a Specific Culture No two cultures are alike, which is why cultural diversity brings so much to a college campus.

Whether there is mutual respect generated through that exchange is perhaps another thing. My concern is, that if they are not, this will be at great personal pain and cost They exist to meet the necessities and forward the purposes of human life.

But cultures exist even in isolated societies where there are no other cultures around-- where there is no one else and nothing else from which to be different.

Geographical conditions vary as radically in terms of how well they facilitate or impede large-scale cultural interactions as they do in their distribution of natural resources.

Outline a few common challenges associated with cultural diversity, and then address ways to remedy these concerns. Yet over the past few centuries, Europe has moved ahead of China in many of these same ways.

The name of this policy is similar to the name of this conference. The entire history of the human race, the rise of man from the caves, has been marked by transfers of cultural advances from one group to another and from one civilization to another.

They were different before they got on the boats to cross the ocean, and those differences crossed the ocean with them.

Stories of fathers and mothers who may have come to Australia as migrants speaking little or no English, and who may still only be able to speak conversational English. If the narrow concept of environment fails to explain many profound differences between groups and subgroups, it likewise fails to explain many very large differences in the economic and social performances of nations and civilizations.

With geographical environments as with social environments, we are talking about long-run effects not simply the effects of immediate surroundings.

What Are Some Cultural Diversity Speech Topics?

Again, geography is not all-determining-- the economy of Zanzibar has been ruined by government policy in recent decades-- but nevertheless, geography is an important long-run influence on the shaping of cultures as well as in narrowly economic terms. The historic sharing of cultural advances, until they became the common inheritance of the human race, implied much more than cultural diversity.Cultural diversity accepts and values contributions from a wide variety of cultures while actively cultivating welcoming environments.

Diversity affords students the chance to learn about other cultures, to appreciate the ways their own cultural ideas affect their beliefs and to minimize. To me, cultural diversity means merging different cultures; introducing good aspects of your culture to others, but also accepting the positives of a new culture.

The Importance and Benefits of Diversity; In his classic research on cultural diversity, Harry C. Triandis found that members of culturally dissimilar groups were less likely to be attracted.

Speech; Diversity and Inclusion: Why it Works at Work; Speech. Diversity and Inclusion: Why it Works at Work. That’s about improving our productivity, looking for value for money in government spending, focusing on citizens, continuing to strengthen our resilience, deepening our international connections and ensuring people have the.

Mar 13,  · Cultural Diversity Essay. Addressing Cultural Diversity in the Classroom. Words | 16 Pages social activities and cultural division around us.

Speech: Keynote speech to the International Unity in Diversity Conference

Author discussed three different examples from different periods from twelfth century to current twenty first century to show how globalization showing effects on the culture. I am looking to. This collection of speeches discusses the power of diversity when it comes to business, government, education and other topics.

These talks, which include innovation keynote speeches to addresses from government officials, all hone in on the value a team of people with diverse thinking, backgrounds /

Speech social cultural diversity looking
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