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Standardization helps cut costs when the company produce the same products and reuse the established marketing and distribution systems where the company gets economies of scare benefits in production and buying.

The company will also need to establish a brand that can be applied globally or tailored to fit into the local market. Such as reduction of choices, less flexibility, small ranges, obstacles to progress, varieties of consumer attitudes, competitive environment etc…. The advantages of standardization is that it helps cuts costs by lowering installation costs, reducing need to maintain large inventories, and lowering maintenance costs thus also allows a company to take advantage of economies of scale when purchasing supplies.

Using these considerations and either the Common Core Standards or the Early Learning Standards for your state, choose one standard.

It also helps improve communication and performance. So that they can be easily available in the market in case of requirements. It is required that you use the Lesson plan template to complete this portion of your assignment.

Adaptation is a marketing strategy where new products or services are modified based on existing products and services.

By minimizing the differences in your products, you are able to rapidly increase production, streamline distribution, decrease raw material costs and reinforce product branding. The disadvantage of standardization is the loss of uniqueness. This assignment should be submitted as a two- to three-page document, not including the title and reference page.

Product standardization is an efficient method to reduce costs and increase quality. Place your order now with EssayDomain.

However, there are many obstacles to the application of uniform marketing policies. Consequently, companies who wish to enter international markets are faced with the challenge of considering the options of whether to standardize or adapt the elements of their marketing mix.

Product Standardization vs. Product Adaptation

Red-symbol of good luck Gold-symbol of wealth and happiness. In order to meet the needs of international customers, the firm may need to adapt its product to suit individual or regional markets.

It is suggested that you utilize the Early Childhood and Child Development: All aspects of the lesson, using the lesson plan template provided. Further, standardization is a practice of setting identical characteristics for a particular good or service.

In the contrast, the most challenging decision that a company may face in internationalization is the degree of standardization or adaptation in its operations.

Another disadvantage is that adaptation would have poor speed of execution as there are more planning and research that needs to be done to cater for the needs of the particular target market. In addition to the completion of the template, please address the specific requirements listed below: Another disadvantage is the loss of responsiveness where when a company expands into a new market, there may be cultural differences which leads to different taste and likings of the market.

Make sure to include at least one scholarly source in addition to the course text to support your ideas; use APA formatting. The best product standardization strategies allow you to balance the need for targeted adaptation with the cost savings of standardization.

Advantage & Disadvantages of Standardisation and Adaptation Strategies

The advantages of standardization is the consistency of the product throughout the world and the cost savings from having identical the product. An introductory paragraph that describes the physical environment of the classroom where the lesson will be taught.

Whether a company chooses to standardize or adapt its operations depends on its attitudes toward different cultures. There are many factors affecting to use adaptation strategies. They go on by mentioning that, within international marketing, companies are involved in making global decisions in one or more variables of the marketing mix.

Product adaptation strategies are also being considered as perhaps the most influential aspect of Multi-National Corporations MNCs.Standardization versus Adaptation Essay - STANDARDISATION VS ADAPTATION The standardisation versus adaptation debate is an old one in international marketing, as the discussion timidly started more than eight decades ago, in the 's, was generalized in the 's and continues until today (Vrontis, Thrassou & Lamprianou.

Standardisation or Adaptation for Businesses Essay; Standardisation or Adaptation for Businesses Essay. Some plants have leaves that help catch the water. Some have drip-tips to help drip the extra water to the from the plant (Tropical Rainforests Plant Adaptations). Show More. The Standardisation vs.

Adaptation Debate Essay.

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standardisation vs adaptation The standardisation versus adaptation debate is an old one in international marketing, as the discussion timidly started more than eight decades ago, in the 's, was generalized in the 's and continues until today (Vrontis, Thrassou & Lamprianou, ).

In the context of global marketing, critically discuss the relevance of the “standardisation” vs. “adaptation” debate. (30%)b. Explain when either of these strategies might be appropriate by using examples of your choice. Its been a long time, since the two opposing international marketing strategies have been debated upon – standardisation versus adaptation of Fair Use Policy Help Centre.

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Standardisation vs adaptation essay help
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