Style writing age and hyphens

A suspended hyphen is used when you have two or more hyphenated phrases that end the same way. If you are saying that someone is in his or her 20s or 30s, you do not need to use an apostrophe. Hyphens are often used to tell the ages of people and things. However, hyphenate most double last names.

John is 16 years old. We will need three pies to feed 12 students and twelve pies to feed 50 students. The hyphen connects two things that are intimately related, usually words that function together as a single concept or work together as a joint modifier e.

The hyphen makes concealed-weapons a compound adjective, so the reader knows that the writer meant a permit for concealed weapons. My preference would be either the en dash or the comma, but never the hyphen.

Hyphens are not used in Latin or foreign phrases even if they modify a noun e. Arizona was roundly criticized when they acquired Segura during the offseason for a package headlined by Chase Anderson, a year-old with a 4.

Hyphen Usage with Ages (with Examples)

When to Use a Hyphen Prefixes. We have a two-year-old child. For example, we all know that hyphens connect modifying words, but sometimes it is unclear when the terms modify each other.

Year old or Year-old? Since the number three comes first, we follow the standard format of writing out numbers less than The child is two years old. When to Hyphenate Years Old When should you hyphenate the phrase years old?

AP Style Ages

Since three represents pies, we will also write out twelve since it, too, represents pies. We are celebrating the one hundred and fifty year anniversary of our city. In this sentence, year-old is acting as an adjective and describing boy.

When writing out numbers with fractions, hyphenate only the fractions unless the construction is a compound adjective. I needed only five copies of the test, not Hyphenate all compound numbers from twenty-one through ninety-nine.Hyphens are used to separate groups of numbers, such as in telephone numbers or numbers of financial accounts.

But for almost all other cases, the correct punctuation mark is an en dash, which indicates a range or a difference. Using Hyphens in APA Style in Academic Writing.

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A Grammar expert explains when to use hyphens correctly.

18 Years Old or 18-Years-Old? When to Hyphenate Years Old

Many people get confused about when to use hyphens when writing ages. Here's a Quick and Dirty Tip that will help: When the age is an adjective that comes before the noun and modifies the noun, or when the age is a noun, hyphenate.

Is someone 18 years old or years-old? Do not use hyphens when you are simply stating the age of something. In other words, you want to follow a pattern similar to this, AP Style holds, as do many other popular style guides, that when writing the age of something in text, you should always use figures.

AP Style Ages. Home» AP Style» AP such as “mother of two young children” or “a World War II veteran,” may suffice instead of the actual age. AP Style holds that when referencing ages you should always use figures.

For example, Use hyphens for ages that are expressed as adjectives before a noun or as substitutes for a noun. 2) Age Indicators as Nouns–Hyphens cement these words together to aid clarity; use when a dimension or an age identifies a person or object.

“The seven-year-old kicked me.” “Betty teaches a class of four- and five-year-olds.”.

Style writing age and hyphens
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