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The Government Hotels form one of the most important support service that affect the arrival of tourist to a country. Malaysia is located close to major Asia-Pacific markets and companies investing in Malaysia find it a cost-effective gateway to Asian markets.

This acts as a major deterrent to the Indian hotel industry. Changing economic times can also affect the hotel industry. If there are opportunities, you can also find threats.

They will go to local restaurants, shop at local stores, and those dollars stay within the community. The government has a provided many incentives to encourage FDI like liberalizing expatriate employment regime and MSC program, which was launched in to extend tax exemption from years for new technology companies and from years for priority companies.

The primary threat of the hotel industry today are boutique alternatives that cater to specific customer needs. The hotel industry also faces a unique tax structure in most communities.

For international tourists the peak season for arrival is between September to March when the climatic conditions are suitable where as the national tourist waits for school holidays, generally the summer months.

The country has many tourist destinations that offer potential growth for hotel owners. The services currently offered by the hotels in India are only limited value added services. It has a well-developed financial sector, English-speaking majority, educated workforce, and follows high standards of business and legal practices.

How else can tourists stay in a place if there are no hotels? The heritage hotels are great and can provide tourists with a unique experience. Tourists also have second thoughts about visiting India because of the political turbulence there.

There might be major tourist attractions that bring people into a community, but is the hotel that has allowed people to stay there. Every community has a specific set of attractions that make it a tempting place to visit.

Thus, the needs of the international tourists travellers are met while they are on a visit to India. Change for the sake of change does not make sense. The government has also revised its visa-free access policy in to attract more foreign tourists.

When it comes to diverse topography, India is one of the best. It is the fifth largest recipient of FDI in Asia with most of the investment in the manufacturing, finance, mining and distribution sectors. The primary reason to perform this analysis is to help a hotel be able to develop a strong business strategy.

Local conditions also affect the hotel industry. Over the long term, the hotel industry has growth potential. To find out the present status of this industry a strength, weakness opportunity and threat SWOT analysis is mental.

Consider these four categories as you examine the health of your own business or the potential of a new startup opportunity and you will be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances because you know about the threats and opportunities, as well as your own personal strengths and weaknesses, that are currently faced.

Upper-level hotels can charge thousands of dollars per night per room. By taking into account the SWOT information that is available, a strategy for success can be formed and then reviewed annually at a minimum.

SWOT Analysis of Hotel Industry

High tax structure in the industry makes the industry worse off than its international equivalent. The trend for guest hotels is increasing and so the hotel industry can be greatly affected.

SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat.The Latest Reports with Statistics & Trends from Top Industry Sources Key Industries · Competitive Insights · Data-driven Decisions · Latest Market ReportsTypes: Market Statistics, Industry Insights, Market Overview, Industry Analysis.

SWOT analysis can be used for business planning, strategic planning, product development, competitor evaluation, marketing strategy and so on.

STRENGTHS - Choosing the location of the hotels industry is very important, Tune hotel is using Strategic downtown location, to be convenient for the guests since most guest likes to spend their time in. Swot Analysis Of Hotel Industry In Malaysia. Introduction The tourism industry is the largest and fastest growth industry in the world, and also is the main and important industry that consumes a lot of human resources in the labor market.

As an example. Swot Analysis of Tourism in Malaysia; Swot Analysis of Tourism in Malaysia Issues in the Malaysia Tourism Industry Malaysia tourism obtained the fast development as a result of it own superiorities in natural and cultural travel resources as well as government's vigorously support.

More about Swot Analysis of Tourism in Malaysia. A SWOT analysis of tourism in Malaysia. Print Reference this a more in dept public relation strategy can be done to boost the amount of international tourist to visit Malaysia. A SWOT analysis will be done to analyze the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats of Tourism Malaysia.

it’s shown that Strengths of tourism industry in. SWOT Analysis of Hotel Industry – Strengths and Weaknesses When it comes to tourism, the hotel industry is very important.

Hospitality Industry in Malaysia Market Research & Statistics

In fact, it is a supporting service that affects the .

Swot analysis hotel industry malaysia
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