The lucky one by nicholas sparks book report

Back home, Beth thanks Logan for saving her son.

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Chagrined by the false start and coupled with futile attempts to secure jobs in publishing houses, Sparks drifted from one job to another. Before Logan can return for Keith, the tree house falls on Keith and he is swept away in the raging river to his death.

The style of this book is very sentimental, because it is about war and love. When Beth gently but firmly refuses, Keith threatens to take Ben away. Subsequently, he penned his earliest novel, entitled The Passing, in though it never got published. Teaches them that even though people are left behind, new ones will inevitably take their place; that every place has something good and bad to offer.

Nicholas Sparks started writing novels while still studying at University of Notre Dame. He is reinstating a plantation while reliving the fond memories he had with an old flame during his teenage. Logan and Zeus walk to Louisianawhere a lighthouse in the picture has provided a clue.

Only this, only her. Her trust destroyed, Beth is distraught and sends Logan away. She assumes he wants to apply for a job, and her grandmother, Ellie Blythe Danner hires him. Suffering from PTSD and survivor guilthe decides it is best to leave, and departs to search for the woman in the photo.

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He starts to leave, but Beth runs after him and says that he belongs with them. How else do you expect real men to see two mushy hearts beating as one? He just assumed this was the right place. Ben is en route to the tree house, but the rope bridge gives way and he falls into the river along with his father, just as Beth and Logan arrive.

Marine Logan Thibault Zac Efron the smallest thing actually saves his life: Still, for some reason he could not explain, this place felt right. It makes a kid grow up fast. One symbol is the picture.

Where is there symbolism in Sparks' The Lucky One?

He is brusque and overbearing with the former Marine. The following morning, he finds a picture of a young woman on the ground just before a mortar attack destroys where he had been sitting, killing many around him.

The Lucky One

Soon, he obsesses about the picture and feels that it begins to give him good luck. Keith learns that Logan was asking about her when he first arrived in town and steals the photo, telling Beth that Logan has been stalking her.

Noah Calhoun, who is a tricenarian, is a poetry-loving Southerner. Keith walks out into a gathering storm, leaving his badge behind, and goes to Beth to plead for a reconciliation.

A rebellious school drop-out called John joins the military and her lover is awaiting the end of his military service to marry. As such, Calhoun reunites with Nelson after more than a decade; surprisingly, Nelson sacrifices her engagement to a well-off attorney at the altar of her love for Calhoun.

I missed the scene when Beth boo-hoos about her brother because at that moment a wailing child brought by thoughtless parents started boo-hooing himself, as if declaring: It could never grow into resentment or bitterness, and I knew then that he was the kind of man who would be married forever.

There is always an element of magic to the story.

Review: 'The Lucky One', based on Nicholas Sparks book, is too little, too lame

Long story short, The Notebook series is a duology. Sparks, who was then aged 28, authored the first book in The Notebook series within half a year. When Ben returns bloodied from a charity baseball game, Beth and Keith have an argument, and Keith threatens to use his connections to take full custody of Ben.

This unlucky one has a bit of each in its DNA: It went with the territory.InNicholas Sparks clinched the Goodreads Choice Awards, in the Chick Lit category, thanks to his book named The Last Song. Nicholas Sparks Books into Movies There are film adaptations of Nicholas Sparks’ books.

Where is there symbolism in Sparks' The Lucky One? print Print; document PDF; Discuss the Postmodernism in The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. will help you with any book or any. “A one-night read. Sparks generates authentic emotional power. If you are in. need of a good cry, THE NOTEBOOK is absolutely the right book.” “Without question, THE NOTEBOOK establishes Nicholas Sparks as a gifted.

American writer Nicholas Sparks, released The Lucky One on September 30, In Aprilit was released as a romantic drama film directed by Scott Hicks.

The making of this website was because of a book report assignment given to. Buy The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on orders over £ This one won't leave a dry eye * Daily Mirror Book of the Week * Nicholas Sparks.

Nicholas Sparks is the author of the bestselling novel The Notebook. Report Review. Please select a. I watched some of the movies which are based on the novels of Nicholas Sparks. One of these is The Lucky One. Metacritic's 4th Annual Movie Studio Report Card.

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The lucky one by nicholas sparks book report
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