The obesity epidemic in america essay

I wanted to also highlight the disparity between low-income, urban communities in comparison to upper income wealthy ones. This in turn allows the people to do things conveniently not realizing that they depend mostly on products that have high fat content.

In America obesity is becoming the number one health problem that is considered already as an epidemic. Oppression is another article that was used to supports my main argument.

Fast food Obesity in America is real and profoundly alarming when you look at the major impact it has on our communities.

Overweight is characterized by excessive body mass only while obesity is excessive body mass plus increased lean muscle. The author describes this as food oppression.

This initial search yielded a total of twenty six articles in the Ashford Online Library. Thus I can say that culture really is the culprit behind this problem.

According to Motluk the unhealthy lifestyle of every American citizen is the main reason why obesity is now prevailing in the country plus the fact that the culture within promotes this activities to happen par.

The same phenomenological framework would apply on a global scale as well, because the same social and institutional factors surrounding obesity would remain the same. Specifically lower income and those individuals with lesser education.

Obesity Epidemic in America: Who is to Blame? Essay Sample

This article helped support my main topic by reinforcing the issue that there is a problem in the urban and low-income communities that need to be addressed and to continue to highlight the fact the food industry is exploiting a specific target market for financial gain.

They tend to backfire to what they are told to do so. This statement alone can explain what I concluded to be the real culprit. We cannot do things the right way at the right time if we contradict what the culture dictates us to do. Until we approach this in this manner and not keep assuming we only need to be concerned with ourselves, then this problem will continue to skyrocket out of control.

The keywords used in searching these databases and websites were: In June of last year the American Medical Association declared obesity a disease which opens the door for new profits on drugs like Belviq and medical pharmaceutical companies.

Instead of focusing on low-cost lifestyle changes that address the root cause, of obesity, this decision only aims to help benefit big business and drug companies who can now receive federal aid while continuing to ensure people are oppressed in food desserts with limited access to healthy food choices.

He pointed out that gluttony according to what he had experienced has no place in conventional religion because he got nothing from the research he had done.

Individuals equipped with academic knowledge like the statistics referenced can see how the situations surrounding there low socio-economic status are not all self inflicted, and come up with better ways to work together to solve the issues.Obesity has grown so much it can now be said to have replaced smoking as the number one preventable cause of diseases in America.

Even though the obese have to be responsible when deciding what and how much to eat, society is what not only created obesity but also discriminates against them. The. Obesity Epidemic in America: Who is to Blame? Essay Sample.

Thesis Statement: There are lots of factors to consider in knowing the real cause of obesity in America but who really is to blame? May 01,  · Obesity America Essay; Obesity America Essay. Obesity in America Essay. Words | 11 Pages.

Obesity in America

than their parents and it’s related primarily to the obesity problem” (Judy Davis). Obesity in America has been a rising issue in the last few years.

Obesity is an epidemic in America, greatly impacting youth, the health care system.

Obesity In America (Essay Sample) September 18, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp. Obesity in America. The United State obesity epidemic has become a national concern for the last 5 decades.

A large number of individuals are not taking into consideration that it is a severe health. The obesity epidemic in America raises health concerns for citizens suffering from obesity because unhealthy body weight causes other health problems.

Health care providers believe that community and environmental factors causes people to eat unhealthy foods, which place those individuals at risk for chronic health conditions. The Obesity Epidemic in America Essay - Obesity and being overweight are problems in America that are continuing to exacerbate each and everyday.

According to Jan Simmonds, being a few pounds above an individual's ideal weight is considered overweight; while obesity is being more than twenty percent above an individual's ideal .

The obesity epidemic in america essay
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