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Theorganization Topshop is a very big company and it has been around for many years. Meanwhile on the other hand the company nandos is more of a flat or wide structure. Topshop is a retail company and one of the most influential brands on the high street. So this mean that decision is easily made as there is little consultation recurred.

This culture the individual is given more opportunity to make decision and also express their feeling. However restaurant then to more difficulty to run and manage and it also lot more expensive due to the fact that Inventory procedures and control are much more complicated for a restaurant than a retail shop.

In Nandos and Topshop the culture is belief and attitudes and also customers.

Roles Culture is normal used in Topshop organizational structure organization like hospital and government. In both the organization Topshop and Nandos has a big organization structure the reason for this is because in this two company they organization structure is a form structure that determines the hierarchy style and also the reporting structure in the company.

This tends to be good because it means tight control and fast communication in the work place. There are five different culture structure that organization mostly use Power Cultureis usually found within small organization. The company Nandos is a South African restaurant which is well known for sell nice grilled chicken, however the company also provide different types of food.

In tall orgnaistion structure the task are clearly defined. In every organization is their culture which makes them who they are. However the different between the Topshop tall structure and Nandos flat or wide is the fact manager in Nandos are more focused in developing clear objectives and policies, and also focus in selecting and training employers careful because in flat and wide structure employees get less supervision.

Entrepreneurial Culture motivatesemployees to bring out new ideas and at the same time encourages both managers and employees to take risks. The different between this to organization is the fact that one is food retail and the other is clothes retail.

The company structure is a tall structure because different levels in the hierarchy and also the managers tend to have control over ten employersat a time. The one similar that both Topshop and Nandos have in common is the fact that they have to meet their customers need and make sure that customers are happy and satisfied at all time.

Compare and contrast different organization structures and culture. So this means that the employees have to be aware of their responsible and daily task that there have to do every day.

The benefit of the organization structure in that is shows organization shows the different level structure in the company. Task Culture in an organization is refers more use of team work. This culture is especially is used in company like Topshop and also Nandos.Responsibilities Topshop is part of the Arcadia Group Ltd. Fashion Footprint is Arcadia Group’s programme which plans, monitors and manages the social and environmental impact of our business. Oct 24,  · In both the organization Topshop and Nandos has a big organization structure the reason for this is because in this two company they organization structure is a form structure that determines the hierarchy.

The organizational chart of Topshop displays its 9 main executives including Paul Price, Philip Cooke and Pilar Garcia. Topshop Organizational Structure Essay Words | 5 Pages.

Introduction Topshop was founded in in Sheffield within the ladies fashion store chain Peter Robinson Ltd. The first official stand alone store was opened infollowed by Topman being introduced in exclusively for male customers.

Site Organizational Chart Training Staff Schedule Goals and Policies Benefits Management Communications Performance Reviews Agenda Founded in The Topshop brand has an expansion of free standing retail stores in 33 countries. America is the newest endeavor.

Organisation Structures and Cultures

Location Key goal: To satisfy the customers on an. ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN AND ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE An organization is a pattern of relationships-many interwoven, simultaneous relationships- through which people, under the direction of managers, pursue their common goals.

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Topshop organizational structure
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