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The Core A course is a pre-requisite for the Core B course in the same sequence 2. Digital Collections and Archives maintains a copy of all honors theses that are submitted to the archives. Thesis Types Critical writing: In order to provide adequate time for publicizing this event, the student must inform the department of Tufts thesis impending defense Tufts thesis advance.

Colloquium for Thesis Writers All students doing senior honors theses are expected to attend the mandatory Colloquium for Thesis Writers Tufts thesis during the academic year. Approved students will receive an email with the following instructions: Specific due dates for these forms are provided in the Graduate School handbook for the graduation year.

The proposal for a critical writing thesis, which is generally two to three pages in length, should present an overview of the topic, a discussion of the method of investigation or analysis, and a description of the organization of the thesis by chapter.

Students who have their thesis printed often make several extra copies for themselves and their family; in this case they Tufts thesis also provide a copy to the English department. The DCA no longer accepts paper copies of theses. The seminars, held on Thursday afternoons, feature speakers from both inside and outside of Tufts.

If the submission contains materials for which you do not hold copyright, your represent that you have obtained the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner s to grant Tufts University the rights required by this license, and that such third-party owned material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text or content of the submission.

Once the proposal in approved, students will work out a schedule and assemble a committee in consultation with their director. Students must have taken at least two courses in the relevant genre, one of them above the beginning level, and must have the support of two full-time members of the department, having submitted for their consideration a substantial body of creative work.

Course Credits A Senior Honors Thesis counts for a total of two courses, one for each semester registered. A per semester continuation fee is assessed to students who require additional time over the expected completion period - two years for full-time masters programs.

Students are expected to have done prior course work or other research in the proposed field, to have demonstrated an ability to sustain an extended independent project, and to present a detailed and seriously thought-out proposal.

Complete and submit a signed "Senior Honors Thesis Form" available in the English Department Main Office to the English Department Administration within a week of eceiving notification of project approval. Upon receiving of this form, Student Services places the student on the "Graduate Degree Listing" for the next degree awarding cycle February, May, or August.

Students receive a grade of Y incomplete in these courses as long as the thesis in progress. Please take a moment to read the terms of this license. It will often include a short preliminary bibliography of primary and secondary works that the thesis will engage. Thesis advisor One technical expert outside of the Department A third member of the committee, often another faculty member in the Department The student should consult Graduate Student Handbook for specific dates and deadlines for this process in the graduation semester.

Student Theses

Written Proposal After consulting with the potential director, students who intend to undertake an honors thesis are expected to produce a written proposal over the summer between their junior and senior years. Only those theses whose proposals are approved by the vote of the English Department faculty will be permitted to go forward.

This option is not typically available to those intending to pursue a Ph. Further Information and Writing Support Students are highly encouraged to visit the following links for extensive support in planning and writing their senior honors thesis:The Thesis Honors Program allows Tufts seniors to pursue a year-long independent program of study, to delve into a focused area of research within your major, and to produce an outcome that demonstrates exceptional undergraduate achievement.

Student Theses and other Publications Most graduate degree programs at Tufts require a thesis, directed study, or dissertation based on an original research effort for graduation. Students in the WSSS program who are following the Interdisciplinary Water Resources Research Track have several other critera to satisfy.

MS in Mechanical Engineering – Thesis Option

The MFA graduate program culminates with an MFA thesis exhibition from each student. This is an opportunity to apply theory and method in a project, formulating a question and developing a potential answer.

This database gives access to the dissertations and theses produced by students at Tufts University. Undergraduate Program Senior Honors Thesis Guidelines. Undergraduates interested in writing a senior honors thesis should first contact their potential research advisor for approval; we suggest doing so towards the end of the junior year.

Tufts is one of the nation’s top research universities, earning the highest classification from the Carnegie Foundation for the university's output of research activity. And as one of the smallest and most undergraduate-focused research universities with this classification, Tufts encourages faculty to collaborate with undergraduate students.

Tufts thesis
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