Wireless security master thesis

You have exceeded the maximum character limit. Methods At times, one method may be significant but most of the times, you will find it difficult to find answer to the research question with just one research methodology.

In this thesis, you will develop software e. Unfortunately layered protocol stacks and the complexity of network protocols hide from them the information needed to diagnose performance problems. Combined with the low entry cost for new ISPs e.

This approach is particularly appealing for managing data from smart buildings e. Cisco, Juniper, Huawei often provide courses and certification e. In this project you will experiment with networking equipment and help develop course material that gives students, who already know or are currently learning the underlying theory, access to the practical aspects of such vendor courses.

Personal video recorders may detect scene changes to allow users to skip ads, but such detection is often guided by non-visual factors e. The analyses will initially be manual and use your knowledge of network protocols, but later be automated, e. However, domain names are still typically transmitted in plaintext, e.

Consequently, traders are willing to pay considerably to co-locate their servers with trading platforms in order to minimise propagation delay. The goal of this project is to plan such an ISP.

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Windows APIs to examine network security settings, possibly write sockets programs to test network connectivity, develop a deep understanding of wifi security, and write programs that interpret multiple symptoms and give specific useful instructions to lay people.

If these issues are the next threats, what should companies be doing to head this off at the pass? DNS privacy Communication privacy is important, and is exemplified by the increasing use of transport layer security to support HTTPS and similar services.

How does a resource starved business unit build a plan to test the level of information security? I wish I were back in school, because there are so many choices out there for a good project.

In the world of information technology; security has become a major issue that needs to get resolved as soon as possible. Automated diagnosis of network performance problems People value their time, and hate waiting for computers.

Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address. A fine-grained ontology of network technologies Ontologies name and define the interrelationships between entities in a domain. If there are any shortcomings in the background information; then, you will also be pointing those limitations in this part.

How do you build a change management program to stem security flaws that lead to potential vulnerabilties? Inter-interest app for smartphones Write an app for smartphones e. Knowledge of network technologies essential; reasonable programming skills; willing to learn about phone signalling systems; knowledge of network security e.

The aim of this project is to develop such an ontology for the field of communication networks. This topic requires extensive programming in order to implement network protocols and may require the student operate under a non disclosure agreement.

Research in NS2

In this project you will take an existing modular software implementation of switch data plane and extend it to work in a SDN context. Current work focuses on improving network reliability by end-user approaches to detect faults and adapt around them.

In this project you will develop software likely using the openCV computer vision package to process online videos and extract useful presentation information, such as frames that capture slides and the timing of when slides first appear.

Background Research In this part, you will be reviewing work of the past scholars and tell how you are going to make use of this background information for your research work.

In the abstract, you will be giving a concise summary of objective, method, results and conclusions of your thesis. Here are some suggestions for you: The goal of this thesis is to implement software that can censor such private information from packet traces, making them suitable for submission with fault reports when seeking help to troubleshoot network problems.

What does it take to build an effective program? In table of contents, you will list down all the elements of your thesis.

Such courses overlap university network technology courses e. Caller ID allows individuals to ignore calls from unknown sources, but business often revolves around acquiring new customers, and caller IDs can be spoofed.

Video editing software often includes scene change detection functionality, but when applied to presentation videos it yields many false positives same slide but foreground changes - e. Other information-centric aka content centric or named data networking systems are possible, which emphasise identifying content rather than devices.

You will cite down the resources which you have referred to in bibliography Appendices: What is needed is software that a frustrated user can run and which diagnoses the problem and explains it to the user. This project will involve analysing traces of captured packets to explain the cause of performance problems.This thesis will look further into other security mechanisms and best practices that can be built into a multi-layered defense mechanism for the wireless network.

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At the moment, network security is a hot research topic from student’s world. Oct 03,  · What are some good topics for thesis in Information security for a system and storage administrator?

Good topics for information security thesis

What is the latest research topic in information security? Is a master's degree in information security research oriented?

Potential Thesis Topics in Networking Prof. Geoffrey Xie [email protected], SP C – summarize results in one technical paper / thesis. research topics Geoff Xie 2 3 Related Network Courses l Security Protocols for Wireless LANs – How to strengthen WEP?

– How to detect intrusions? l. Good topics for information security thesis Share this item with your network: I am working on my Master's degree in security and need to start my thesis on information security, in particular.

provides data protection and integrity in wireless local area networks, while Kerberos is used for network authentication. The design and security analysis of such network protocols presents a difficult prob.

Wireless security master thesis
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