Wjec gcse english literature coursework mark scheme

Overall, my question is: This extreme language and use of the superlative loneliest demonstrates that there is little hope for such men to escape their isolation.

Since it says on the spec "independent reading and research", do you allow your students to come back after 6-weeks and just sit in your lessons reading their own texts? This use of the contrasting personal pronouns they and we draws attention to how different they are and separates George and Lennie from all those around them.

Or, do you have compulsory texts that you teach with all of them, then if they want to choose their texts they can? She is talked about negatively by the men on the ranch before she is directly involved in the book and then when she appears, there is a description of her wearing red to suggest danger and she is not dressed appropriately for the ranch.

The context of the novella is discussed and linked to the question. We got a future. Even though George finds it difficult to look after Lennie at times, he still wants to have him around and enjoys his friendship.

Example question - foundation tier Choose a character who you think is a victim of loneliness because of the society in which he or she lives. They talk about their friendship, saying Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world.

To what extent do you agree with this statement? Once this is done, they will start a new genre, drama, and then poetry just to get them "into it". You must link your ideas about the book to the context in which it was written. Details are commented on, with analysis shown, so there is evidence of the ability to move between the general and specific when commenting on the text.

Feedback This is too descriptive. Short quotations are used appropriately to support the point. There is assured discussion of several different parts of the book, showing a secure grasp of the text as a whole. It is important to link all of your ideas to the task you have been given. It is also important that you discuss how the context has impacted on the book throughout your essay, as this is an important part of the mark scheme.

The new timetabling is quite challenging in regards to one teacher will have students 1hr x 7 over a fortnight to teach coursework throughout the whole year. There is no quotation used here to support the point. This means that the men on the ranch have no respect for her and so she is very lonely because none of the characters see her as being worth their time.

George is left alone, demonstrating that companionship is only temporary in this world. However, the tragic end of the novel reveals that even this rare friendship is impossible to maintain in the brutal environment of the ranch. Early on in the novel, they state that men like them are the loneliest guys in the world.It is also important that you discuss how the context has impacted on the book throughout your essay, as this is an important part of the mark scheme.

Example question - foundation tier. June GCSE WJEC English Literature Past Papers. Unit 2A: /01 Literacy Heritage, Drama and Contemporary Prose – Foundation Download Paper - Download Mark Scheme.

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Unit 2A: /02 Literacy Heritage, Drama and Contemporary Prose – Higher To download the marking scheme for all WJEC GCSE English Literature Past Papers click here.

Higher Tier Mark Scheme WJEC. 5 3 customer reviews. Author: Created by Sazzle Preview. AIC An Inspector Calls English Literature Stage Directions Opening.

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June New WJEC AS-Level English Literature Past Papers (U) Unit 1: Poetry and Drama 1 (U10) - Download Paper - Download Mark Scheme Unit 2: Poetry Post (U20) - Download Paper - Download Mark Scheme.

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Find a wide variety of past papers and marking schemes from WJEC. Useful revision tools for GCSE, AS and A Level and other qualifications. English Literature GCSE; Inside English - Online Magazine; English Entry Level (from ) There are also tiered papers available for certain subjects and the corresponding mark schemes are also.

Wjec gcse english literature coursework mark scheme
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